A new casting porn site with a new interesting story is coming for you. Loan 4K is a Czech site made for the western public which involves babes in need of money and a loan office where they can get money in exchange for their sweet young pussies. This site is part of a larger project that’s set to bring us only 4K porn with eastern European babes in all kinds of dirty scenarios. In this collection, the action is kind of like the one in fake agent and casting movies, combining POV with static cameras for a complete office sex experience on your screen. Learn more about the collection of this site and about the bonus included in the membership from our Loan 4K review below.

Fake Loan Agent and Real Action

In the movies of this porn site you will meet a fake loan angel and many women who need money and who are turned down from regular banks. This agency is willing to land them the money, but they need a warranty and that warranty is their perfect and tight pussies. If they fuck well, their loan is approved. And all the girls need money for some good reasons, so the fuck really well.

The reasons for which they need the money and details about their life is listed in a short video description. That’s how you will know that the babes on this site are real estate agent who needs a new car, a poor student who needs money to continue her studies, a striper who wants to rent a bigger flat, and even a redhead per surgeon with big tits who wants a loan to start a pet ambulance.

The Applicants

The babes who apply for loans in these movies are some stunning young ladies, mostly from Russia and other countries in the Eastern Europe. Most of them are in their 20s and some are even younger, 18-19. The oldest chicks are the redhead pet surgeon who is 30 and some brunette who is 31. What I really like on this site is that all the busty babes have 100% natural tits. You will love all of them, and since they are East Europeans, you know they know how to fuck. The models might be young and unexperienced, but they really fuck like they truly are in financial problems and the fake loan agent is their only hope.