When you need to get where you are going and fuck too, there are always porn taxis! Welcome to a specific section or reality porn where hot girls are picked up in a XXX Fake taxi. These videos are full of hot car sex, anonymous narrations and funny misunderstandings that add to the excitement and history of each scene.

Cab Sex

Skip the uber and go to an unconditional taxi encounter! Themeter is running in this sweet suck and fuck session, but can these girls pay the fee? Be there for every moment of fun while unsuspecting girls and sexy rookie models get into a taxi to emerge like a porn star. You’ll see one-on-one sexy sex sessions, threesomes fucking in the backseat and more.

Is it fair to compare reality and pornography by taxi? What is the truth behind that absurd comment? Well, taxi porn is not new, in fact it is an old term for escapism. Escapism is a known form of fun and entertainment that has its own websites, such as the now disappeared Paradise Island Cabaret.

The world of escapism is no different from the world of fantasy fun. In both cases, the real world has a life of its own and you will have to work to do things, or you will need entertainment to help you do things. Reality or pornography by taxi is not an escape from hard work. In reality, there are no flights on the street, traffic signs, traffic lights or schedules. Actually, you should make the phone call, answer the phone call, sit in the office, meet the customer, get lost in traffic and do all this while you sleep. This is called reality, and you are expected to work hard to enjoy your pleasure. The same can be said of the pick up game: it is not a dream but a harsh reality of the real world, and that is the same in both cases.

Public Sex

But what is reality porn really about? Well, it’s about escapism, it’s about fun, it’s about adventure, it’s about the thrill of the chase, and it’s about the fun of knowing that you have the power to choose to make or break someone’s life. It’s also about the thrill of the purchase, since the rewards at the end of the road are priceless. But above all it is about the thrill of the chase, the thrill of the game and the thrill of knowing that there is a reward waiting for you in the near future.

Order a taxi and jump into playful pranks! You can fully control how you view content in this area or within any of our popular pornography categories. Highlight the newest clips or watch trends in the world of taxi porn.

London taxi

You will be able to watch 2 sorts of scenes on Fake Taxi. The first option are the scenes where you will see a taxi in London, UK that is picking up girls (sometimes 2 girls at a time) and couples. One thing is inevitably going to lead to another and, before you know it, the driver’s cock will be inserted into passenger’s mouth, pussy or asshole. In cases when couples are being driven, we’ll get some threesomes. The girls in these scenes are mostly from UK, but you will see some tourists from other parts of Europe, as well.

Prague taxi

The other option are the scenes with a guy driving his taxi around back roads of Prague, Czech Republic. Sometimes he will pick up a fare and somehow they are gonna agree to have sex instead of giving the money. Also, he will pick up female hitchhikers who don’t have the money to pay for the ride, and don’t have other options to get to their destination. If they don’t fuck with him, he threatens he will kick them out of his car in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it will be difficult to persuade the girls to fuck, and sometimes they will be simply begging for it.

There are scenes when he picks up a couple and a husband agrees to film his wife fucking with the driver, or the couple will even go with him to an apartment and have a wild threesome.Members will get 670+ scenes out of this site (not protected by DRM). It’s OK to expect videos that last about a half an hour, on average. Every week you will see that 2 new episodes are uploaded to this site. There are no photos on Fake Taxi so don’t expect the scenes to be accompanied by them.

Outdoor Porn

That’s disappointing for some porn enthusiasts, but this is a reality porn site after all, and it wouldn’t look natural if someone was there to take pictures and especially if the participants would be posing for the photographer. Anyway, videos can be downloaded and streamed, and all of them (even the oldest ones) are offered in 720p quality option. All scenes are subtitled, whether they are in English or not, because the audio quality is not always the best.

There is no way to remove the subtitles if you want to (if they are blocking something that you would like to see). The driver’s face is always blurred. Newer scenes can be downloaded in 5 options – FLV high, FLV low, WMV 1280×720 HD, MP4 640×360 and MP4 1280×720 HD, and streamed in 4 options (including low and high mobile streaming options) and the best of them is HD 720p. Older scenes offer 2 options less than newer ones (for both streaming and downloading) but HD 720p option is offered for them, as well.

Free access to the whole Fake Hub Network

Some of you might say that the amount of videos offered by this pay site is not a lot, but the membership of Fake Taxi provides a free access to the whole Fake Hub network. This network contains 9 reality sites in total (including Fake Taxi), which means that you will get access to 9 additional sites (Fake Hospital, Fake Agent, Female Agent, Public Agent and Fake Agent UK). Consequently, you will get 3000+ additional videos. When you access Fake Taxi (by choosing it from the Sites & Niches menu), you’ll get videos sorted by default (by the time of upload) and you can’t change the way they are sorted. That’s why I would suggest browsing by the whole network. If you want to check out only models from this site – forget about it.

Models can be browsed only by the whole network. If you browse by the whole network, you will be able to sort models by Most Liked, Most Active, All Models and By Letter, and to sort updates by Date Released, Most Liked, Most Viewed and Title. The scenes are not tagged so members can’t filter the content by categories, by girls’ appearance or their age, or anything. This means that there is no advanced search engine. A search tab is offered but it’s not very useful. Generally, navigation and usability are not the best features of this site.

Hot Euro teens and MILFs

There are about 500 girls on this porn site, but I can’t say that I’m sure about it because of the lack of Models section for this individual site. They are European (mostly from UK and Czech Republic, but there are some exceptions – some girls are tourists) and mostly Caucasian. You will see anything from teens to MILFs, and from slim to chubby girls (small, average and big tits – natural and fake).

These girls will please their taxi driver with all kinds of mainstream porn categories (blowjob, titjob, handjob, anal, rimming, hardcore, interracial, squirting, etc.), but you can expect some slightly “heavier” stuff as well (footjob, toe-sucking, rimming…). Members are offered live cams and there are some special offers for other sites, as well. Although Terms and Conditions don’t mention downloading limits, it appears that downloading is limited to 20GB/day.